Ab-Fab put on a wide variety of events throughout the year, usually every Thursday during term time. We also host a bi-weekly ‘LGBTea’ cafe, which runs alongside our events calendar.

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RGU+Ab-Fab Joint Hunger Games Pub Crawl

Cheerz Bar and Club
HAPPY HUNGER GAMES! Right guys, RGU LGBT+ Society and Ab-Fab LGBT* Society are joining up to put on the best Pub Crawl games you have ever experienced (in Aberdeen) The theme for this night out is The Hunger Games! (Minus the killing) So pull together your best District attire or go all out and dress as a Capital citizen. We want to see the best costumes that your £1 store trips can pull together. Everyone will be split into different districts and given different routes and challenges to complete. The winner will be the quickest back with the most challenges completed! The starting and finishing point will both be Cheerz club. We should have upstairs booked out at the beginning just for us then they will open at the normal time. Good luck, and may the odds be ever in your favour!!