Ab-Fab put on a wide variety of events throughout the year, usually every Thursday during term time. We also host a bi-weekly ‘LGBTea’ cafe, which runs alongside our events calendar.

Events will appear here as they approach and then disappear afterwards; if the page is currently empty, fear not! It will not be so for long.

Ab-Fab Society's AGM

After an absolutely amazing year for Ab-Fab Society, the time come for us to elect our new committee for 2014-2015! All committee positions will be up for election and candidates running will be expected to deliver a short speech to express why they would be good for the position. Don’t be shy, this is a fantastic opportunity to get involved with the society and shape its future! Committee positions include: President (3min) Tresurer (2min) Secretary (2 min) Events Officer (2 min) Campaigns’ Officer (2min) Publicity and Media (2 min) Bi Rep (priority given to self-defining bi people) (1 min) Trans* Rep (priority given to self-defining trans* people) (1 min) Open Place x2 (1 min) At present you must have served on the committee previously to run for President, however we will be discussing changing this so that any paid member can run providing there are no candidates from the committee running. Only paid society members can attend this event and vote. Only members in attendance can vote. If you are considering running for any position or would like to chat about discussion items feel free to message a committee member or drop an e-mail to If you would like to see any amendments made to the society’s constitution please submit them to by the 24th of April. And to top it all off there will be …. FREE PIZZA! See you all there!

Ab-Fab does Torchers' 2014 - The LEGO Movie!

University of Aberdeen
On the 3rd of May will once again be taking part in Aberdeen University Students' Association's annual Torchers' Parade! This year Ab-Fab Society's theme will the the LEGO movie. We encourage everyone to come along and help out in any way you wish! Whether you're a creative builder or have amazing painting skills, everyone is welcome to come along throughout the day to help with the creation of the fabulous masterpiece. We will also need many people to come along in the evening to participate in the parade, including being on the float, bucket collecting etc. Some costume inspiration can be found at ! Feel free to go as creative as you wish! We will be hosting a pre-building session earlier in the week, more details soon. Also feel free to bring along any cardboard/ building materials you wish! The more involvement the better, as its all for a good cause!