Ab-Fab put on a wide variety of events throughout the year, usually every Thursday during term time. We also host a bi-weekly ‘LGBTea’ cafe, which runs alongside our events calendar.

Events will appear here as they approach and then disappear afterwards; if the page is currently empty, fear not! It will not be so for long.

A Chilled Drink (or two...)

Siberia Vodka Bar
Right guys, after the glitz and glamour of the Gaylidh we thought it would be nice just to have a chilled and relaxed drink with our friends from Ab-Fab. So we have booked out a space in Siberia and we invite everyone and anyone (even if you didn't go to the Gaylidh) to join us for a couple of drinks and to just chat the night away. This will certainly not be a wild night and we may even play a board game or two. (It sounds fun to me anyway!) If you have any queries or require directions then please just give Iain or any other members of the committee a message and we would be happy to reply.